Experienced Professionals

With years of expertise and a commitment to excellence, Natural Wonders Tree Service delivers top-tier tree care solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our seasoned professionals prioritize safety, quality, and customer satisfaction in every aspect of our work.

Miguel Galindo

Certified Arborist, Tree Climber & Landscaper

Miguel Galindo

“Scaling trees with precision, sculpting landscapes with care, and nurturing greenery with expertise as a Certified Arborist, Tree Climber, & Landscaper.”

“Mastering the art of tree care, climbing, and landscape design, Miguel Galindo excels in fostering vibrant outdoor environments as a Certified Arborist, Tree Climber, & Landscaper.”

Emily Ledman

Certified Landscaper & Arborist

Emily Ledman Arborist

“Crafting scenic landscapes with an artist’s eye while nurturing trees to flourish, embodying the dual roles of Certified Landscaper & Arborist.”

“Blending creativity in landscape design with a deep understanding of tree care, Emily Ledman excels as both a Certified Landscaper & Arborist, transforming outdoor spaces with beauty and vitality.”

Ryan Miller

Certified Arborist & Tree Climber

Ryan Miller Arborist

“Mastering the art of tree care from root to canopy, Ryan Miller excels as a Certified Arborist and Tree Climber, ensuring the health and vitality of green spaces.”

“With expertise in tree health assessment and precision climbing techniques, Ryan Miller embodies excellence as a Certified Arborist and Tree Climber, dedicated to enhancing natural landscapes.”

Some of Our Work

Discover our expertise in tree removal, pruning & trimming, and storm damage cleanup through examples of our work.

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