Experienced Professionals

Natural Wonders Tree Service delivers top-tier tree care solutions tailored to meet diverse client needs, prioritizing safety and satisfaction.

Miguel Galindo

Certified Arborist, Tree Climber & Landscaper


“Scaling trees with precision, sculpting landscapes with care, and nurturing greenery with expertise as a Certified Arborist, Tree Climber, & Landscaper.”

“Mastering the art of tree care, climbing, and landscape design, Miguel Galindo excels in fostering vibrant outdoor environments as a Certified Arborist, Tree Climber, & Landscaper.”

Emily Ledman

Certified Landscaper & Arborist

Emily Ledman Arborist

“Crafting scenic landscapes with an artist’s eye while nurturing trees to flourish, embodying the dual roles of Certified Landscaper & Arborist.”

“Blending creativity in landscape design with a deep understanding of tree care, Emily Ledman excels as both a Certified Landscaper & Arborist, transforming outdoor spaces with beauty and vitality.”

Ryan Miller

Certified Arborist & Tree Climber

Ryan Miller Arborist

“Mastering the art of tree care from root to canopy, Ryan Miller excels as a Certified Arborist and Tree Climber, ensuring the health and vitality of green spaces.”

“With expertise in tree health assessment and precision climbing techniques, Ryan Miller embodies excellence as a Certified Arborist and Tree Climber, dedicated to enhancing natural landscapes.”

Some of Our Work

Discover our expertise in tree removal, pruning & trimming, and storm damage cleanup through examples of our work.

Cerified Arborist