Tree Pruning and Trimming

Natural Wonders Tree Service offers trees trimming and tree pruning in Portland, ensuring safety and aesthetics. Expert care for a healthy, beautiful property.

Tree Looks Sick

Detecting dead, dying, or diseased branches hints at tree health issues; removing them aids in identifying and addressing problems, fostering recovery.

Tree looks sick

Tree Is Getting In The Way

When trees obstruct buildings, traffic, or views, you’re faced with two options: either remove them entirely or employ crown raising pruning techniques.

tree is getting in the way

Tree Is Unsafe

Signs indicating the need for safety pruning include heavy branches, structural flaws, and broken or hanging limbs, increasing storm vulnerability. These issues can be mitigated through appropriate pruning measures.

tree is unsafe

Tree Is Too Big

In cases of tree overgrowth or encroachment on structures, specialized pruning techniques offer an alternative to tree removal, avoiding drastic measures like tree topping, which is not recommended.

tree is too big

Client Testimonials

“Natural Wonders Tree Service with Arborist expertise in tree pruning, truly transformed our yard. Their attention to detail and knowledge made all the difference!”

Serra J.

Portland, Oregon

“Natural Wonders Tree Service quick response during a storm saved our property from further damage. They are professional and have skills in tree removal.”

Madeleine Albright

Portland, Oregon