Tree Removal

Natural Wonders Tree Service provides safe removal solutions for ailing trees, ensuring property safety amidst storm risks.

Tree Is Dead Or Dying

As the tree’s condition worsens, it poses an increasing safety risk. Delaying its removal only heightens the danger and makes the task more challenging.

tree is dead

Obstructing Traffic Or Passersby

If a tree obstructs a pathway, driveway, road, or any area crucial for access, its removal might be necessary, particularly if it poses a safety concern.

obstructing traffic

Too Close To A Building

For significant damage, like roof or siding from swaying branches, or foundation/walkway cracks from roots, prioritize tree removal.

too close to a building

Unsafe Or Poor Structure

Trees may develop unsound shapes, like a “Y” formation, which are intrinsically unsafe, or they can sustain damage from storms, pests, and disease.

unsafe or poor structure

Client Testimonials

“Natural Wonders Tree Service with Arborist expertise in tree pruning, truly transformed our yard. Their attention to detail and knowledge made all the difference!”

Serra J.

Portland, Oregon

“Natural Wonders Tree Service quick response during a storm saved our property from further damage. They are professional and have skills in tree removal.”

Madeleine Albright

Portland, Oregon